USB USB key for DECONTO system
  • DECONTO system with USB key
  • USB with encrypted system with red and blue LED light indications;
  • USB Limited - unlocks the machine up to the limit of the registered number of dispensing;
  • USB UNLIMITED - Unlocks the coffee machine without limiting the number of uses, but cannot unlock any coffee machine already registered with ID .;
  • USB READY / COPY - Reads and copies all the figures including the remaining q.ty of capsules;
  • USB RESET 1 - This USB only resets the quantity of capsules but NOT the ID belonging to the "Distributor" and "Reseller".
  • Two types of programs are available: "Y" for the roaster and "Z" for its distributors

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Name Date Dimension
Technical features
Product name:

80x120 cm 100x120 cm 110x120 cm
Quantity per pallet
Number of pallets per 20 "container 11 8 8
Number of pallets per 40 "container 24 18 18